Spending some time with Grandpa Jack

Brynns and I headed off to the Tri-Cities first thing Monday morning.  I wasn’t thinking over a month ago when I scheduled myself a hair appointment to get my hair chopped off that I would be exhausted from being gone all weekend.  I dropped Brynns off with Grandpa and headed to the Spa ( Eden Crest Day Spa to be exact).  Doesn’t sound so bad right????  Grandpa gets baby and I get pampering.  It was some pampering that was well needed.  It had been since last October since I have had a real haircut.  I also got a free mini massage too.  I returned back to my parents house to find my dad and B cutting the grass.

Yesterday, Grandpa, Brynns and I all headed off to the Benton-Franklin County Fair.  We had been given a free ticket so we couldn’t resist.  Plus Brynnlee loves seeing all the animals.  She waved at all of them.  Well, all of them except the horses.  We didn’t take the tractor ride out to see the horses.  We all had a bit of Fair food and headed home.  It was SUPER HOT out.  Also someone had not had a nap all day and was at her limit.  She was asleep before we even were out of the parking lot.

Waving at the cows.

Looking at the chicks with Grandpa.

Chillin in her stroller at the Fair.